We are the Wildcats - March 31st, 2020



the Wildcats varsity field hockey squad will play the first game of their new season. Though only a scrimmage, they’ll face the team who beat them at states last year, so losing isn’t an option. 

But that’s tomorrow.

Tonight is the team sleepover. Coach wants them in bed by ten. But at midnight, the girls sneak out to hold their own initiation ceremony. It’s a beloved tradition that Coach has tacitly permitted the girls to control. 

Until now.

Coach spins them off on a new adventure, one that takes the girls deep into the night. They pull the craziest stunts, the wildest pranks, and their hearts beats faster than ever. All to prove how far they’re willing to go for this team.

It takes everyone—but especially Coach—by surprise.

As the girls slip out of their comfort zones, so do their long-held secrets. Suddenly, it’s unclear what will happen when this night finally comes to an end. Or who they’ll be to each other tomorrow morning. But what it means to be a Wildcat?  

That they’ll know for sure.