Kirkus’ Reviews Best Book of the Year

2012 ALA Best Fiction for Young Adults

An IndieBound Spring Pick!



Brazil: Novo Conceito
Turkey: Yakamoz Yayinlari

Praise for Same Difference

“Readers who have wondered, “Are these the friends and the life I want to have?” will see themselves reflected in Emily’s achingly real struggles, heartbreaks and triumphs.”


“A great read for any girl who has struggled with trust issues and friendship follies”


“Emily’s artistic and personal journeys will resonate with teens longing to break free from predefined roles.” 


“Vivian serves up the story with vivid description and dialogue; the author's talent for scene-setting and evocative imagery is especially effective for a story about a girl just discovering her eye as an artist and herself as a person.”


About the book

The last thing Emily wants is another summer of tanning and pool hopping in Cherry Grove. Now that her best friend has a boyfriend, everything feels different in a way she doesn’t quite understand. So when offered a spot at a prestigious art program in Philadelphia, Emily jumps at the chance to leave her hometown for a few hours each day.

But it takes more than a change of scenery and a new group of friends to discover who you really are. As Emily bounces between a suburb where everyone tries to fit in and a city where everyone wants to be unique, she struggles to find her own identity. And while the rules may change, the pressures remain the same. Friendships can be hard to navigate. Boys can be both mysterious and predictable. And the line between right and wrong can be a little blurry.