A terrific review of ASHES TO ASHES, the final book in the BURN FOR BURN trilogy, featured in the latest issue of School Library Journal!

Following immediately after Rennie’s death in Fire with Fire (S. & S., 2013), Mary has realized that her suicide attempt was successful and her ghostly self is trapped on Jar Island. Lillia and Reeve are trying to hide their new relationship out of respect for Mary’s and Rennie’s feelings, and Kat is still reeling from everything that’s happened as a result of their revenge plot. Mary is still fixated on making Reeve pay for what he did to her, and as she becomes aware of her powers, she schemes against him—and against Kat and Lillia, who have betrayed her trust and friendship. This one final act is all the ghost needs to be set free, with everyone who’s hurt her punished—regardless of their intent or if they even deserve it. Han and Vivian complete their revenge-fueled trilogy with twists, turns, and intrigue, along with plenty of action to keep the plot rocketing along. Teens who have read the first two installments will be clamoring for this conclusion. Some strong language and sexual situations make this title most appropriate older teens. For fans of Sara Shepard’s The Lying Game series (HarperCollins)