A New Look for The Last Boy and Girl in the World!!!

How lucky am I to have not one but two gorgeous jackets for my most recent novel, The Last Boy and Girl in the World?! It's all thanks to the stellar design department at Simon & Schuster BYR, and the ever-talented Lucy Ruth Cummins.  

This beauty will be the paperback jacket, and it's slated to appear on shelves sometime in February 2017.

Hope you love it as much as I do!

I'm a New York Times Best Seller!

I'm thrilled to announce that I am now a New York Times best selling author! My novel THE LIST hit number 2 on the Young Adult e-book list this week. Astounding, considering that book was first published waaaaay back in 2012. It continues to find new readers (clearly!) and I'm so incredibly grateful and humbled by the way it's been embraced. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! 

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 5.31.41 PM.png



Last Boy & Girl Receives a STAR from VOYA!

Thank you, VOYA!

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Vivian, Siobhan. The Last Boy and Girl in the World. Simon & Schuster, 2016. 432p. $17.99. 978-1-4814-5229-8.

The newest standalone novel by the author of The List (Scholastic, 2012/VOYA April 2012) takes readers into the world of high school junior, Keeley Hewitt. Keeley’s comfortable living with her parents in a town with family history and spends a majority of her days worrying about grades, the spring dance, and her longtime crush, Jesse Ford. Awkward and always the laugh at a party, Keeley does not believe she will ever have a chance with one of the most handsome and popular boys at her school. However, when the rain starts that fateful spring and does not stop until part of the town suffers catastrophic damage, Jesse finally notices her. Being in a relationship with someone you have had a crush on for ages should be easy, but as Keeley’s entire world shatters, she finds it difficult to navigate the tricky path of having a boyfriend while losing everything she has ever known.

This story is told in a first-person female point of view, organized as a timeline including weather reports, emergency bulletins, and temperatures which are relevant to the plot. The protagonist deals with realistic issues that teens face such as trying to be a supportive friend, a carefree teen, and yet also a responsible daughter when faced with major life changes. Unsure of her future, many of Keeley’s decisions cause ripples in her relationships and by the end of the book, she comes to realize that what she thought was important may not be. A particularly heartbreaking scene is when she is asked to pack up her entire life in thirty minutes. The prologue makes it clear that Keeley’s family and the entire town are forced from their homes by the end of the book, yet Vivian draws readers into the story effortlessly. The novel is inspired by true events.—Valerie Burleigh.


At long last, my beautiful cover for THE LAST BOY AND GIRL IN THE WORLD has been revealed to the world, thanks to EW.com!


I only wish the JPEG did the *actual* *in-person* version justice, because the real thing is covered in the most beautiful, shimmery foil. If you want to see that version, here's for a goofy little video I posted on Instagram showing it off!


A new YA novel coming Spring 2016!

So pleased to report that I've sold two new YA novels to Simon and Schuster! The first book - THE LAST BOY AND GIRL IN THE WORLD - will be published in Spring 2016

Here is the official sales blurb, which gives the teeniest tiniest hint as to what the book is about.

Siobhan Vivian's THE LAST BOY AND GIRL IN THE WORLD, based on a true story, in which a flood forces a sixteen-year-old to juggle her femininity and strength, the affections of the two boys who love her, and a parade of departing friends whose goodbyes turn from tender to thorny, all while the waters rise and her hometown is permanently and forcibly evacuated by the state, to Zareen Jaffery at Simon & Schuster Children's, in a significant deal, in a two-book deal, by Emily van Beek at Folio Literary Management (NA).

I'm super excited about this new adventure! More soon!




Amazing Teen Feeds Homeless, Inspired by NOT THAT KIND OF GIRL!

Was so thrilled to come across this article in the News Herald, about a teenager who collected Thanksgiving food donations for families in need because she was inspired by Natalie in Not That Kind of Girl. 

In the life of a writer, it doesn't get much sweeter than this! 

Thank you, Daniela Kabeth, for putting goodness out into the world! <3



A terrific review of ASHES TO ASHES, the final book in the BURN FOR BURN trilogy, featured in the latest issue of School Library Journal!

Following immediately after Rennie’s death in Fire with Fire (S. & S., 2013), Mary has realized that her suicide attempt was successful and her ghostly self is trapped on Jar Island. Lillia and Reeve are trying to hide their new relationship out of respect for Mary’s and Rennie’s feelings, and Kat is still reeling from everything that’s happened as a result of their revenge plot. Mary is still fixated on making Reeve pay for what he did to her, and as she becomes aware of her powers, she schemes against him—and against Kat and Lillia, who have betrayed her trust and friendship. This one final act is all the ghost needs to be set free, with everyone who’s hurt her punished—regardless of their intent or if they even deserve it. Han and Vivian complete their revenge-fueled trilogy with twists, turns, and intrigue, along with plenty of action to keep the plot rocketing along. Teens who have read the first two installments will be clamoring for this conclusion. Some strong language and sexual situations make this title most appropriate older teens. For fans of Sara Shepard’s The Lying Game series (HarperCollins)